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UGH!! I ended up Sat nite with a migraine. < Finally its leaving this am, I hope. Tooooo much stress trying to get everything reinstated by the state for when Carlos was sick. It's like moving a mountain. Then, to top it all off..... I have his savings acct hooked to mine so his bro and I can either one use it if he gets sick ( like he just did) to pay his bills and such. I retired and had to go do the supplement stuff and prescriptin stuff and they based everything using Carlos income,along with mine even tho it is under his name with us as RP's. They can't really do much with me until we get that changed at the bank! I'm in the process of trying to straighten out the housing, his energy assistance, food stamps finally taken care of, but need a new card..We all have to go to the bank to close his old acct with me and as RPs and open a new one in his name and his bro's so they will release me from it and then give me the consideration nec to get the supplement, no spend down and a ton of other stuff. I spemt all day the 24th and 25th working on this crap....for hours. We celebrated Christmas on the 28th this year.... For the record, I felt great Friday when we all went to the Casino to eat and I felt great all day Sat. We all had a ...... About 10 pm Sat nite the migraine struck. Wowzers, haven't had one that bad in a long time. I literally can't stand to be all mixed up on money matters and Medicaid, Medicare, SS, SSDisability,housing and utilities for one person, let alone two for part of it....I ended up that Sat nite with the migraine, already had an anxiety attack and slid right into to panic. Boy some state workers are real asses...I got one, that's how I know. Some are very nice. Mine wasn't. Carlos started feeling bad again, but he is back up so I guess it was just whatever was going around. Thanks for caring and asking. I haven't posted in either forum i quite a while.... Will be glad when I get back to normal...whatever that is... For the next few days I'll be making phone s, having appptss and whatever else I have to do to get this all straightened out. I'll be glad when it's over and I know what I'm supposed to do...LOL HOPE EVERYONE WAS AS READY FOR THIS NEW YEAR TO START AS I WAS......lOVE, HIPPY Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!



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